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Hey Ya’ll

Alfredo here, currently the Co-Founder of IBR Digital Search™, a search agency based in London. We’re very keen to explore any concepts or ideas relating to product design in digital HR and are willing to connect with people operating in the digital HR and recruitment sector. Happy to discuss any project ideas that members might have or know of that might be useful to venture into.

Always a pleasure.



Hello everyone, my name is Arthur, i’m from Brazil. Developer for almost 10 years with large experience in several languages and working as a blockchain developer for about 1.5 years.


Hi all,

I am new in this community. My name is Tjun Wi Suganda (Tjun) from Jakarta - Indonesia. Have strong interest with the blockchain technologies…

Looking forward to meeting a lot of people in blockchains…


Hi everyone!

My name is Sima Baktas ,

I am a Blockchain Lawyer and ICO Project Consultant. also key speaker at the conference , panel and summits.

You can get more information : / i am mostly in New York and İstanbul. All social media : simabaktas

Nice to meet you all.

Thank you for this platform for us.



Hello everyone,
My name is Gabriel Carranza, I am a web and solidity developer as well as graphic design and marketing services, I am a partnership manager at and founder of Mundo Bitcoin Info (a project in which I am still currently working on
With a friend of mine, we have a small project, mostly just for he to learn the erc20 basics, we deployed a token and we are currently on airdrop phase you can check at
If there is anything I can help with just let me know!
Nice to meet everyone and thank you, admins, for space and opportunity.


Hi all,

I hope everybody is having a productive Monday! I really look forward to meet more ambitious people in this community and learning more about blockchain. My name is Martin Bauer and I am Recruitment Ambassador at Innovation Experience Israel, a startup that connects entrepreneurs and businessman alike to business opportunities and investors in Israel.

We are excited to announce that we have begun recruiting for the second edition of our program CRYPTONATION from October 16th to the 22nd, 2018! The program takes place in Israel where participants will explore the rising industries of cryptocurrency, fintech, and blockchain. In addition, they will have the opportunity to develop partnerships with Israeli companies and extend their network internationally. Only a handful of participants are chosen for scholarships.

So if you are interested in learning more about CRYPTONATION, send me a message! My linkedIn profile can be found here: LinkedIn Profile
(Limited spots available)

Thank you very much!


Hello all, my name is Larry Hock and I am the VP of Sales at SourceTek. An IT staffing firm. I also have great relationships with a couple of my clients in the Digital Asset space. One is a Digital Asset Custody company and the other is a Digital Asset Research company. Both of these companies provide state of the art services in their space. If you are interested in hearing more please reach out to me to discuss. In the IT space I have on-shore and off -shore Blockchain developers that have expertise on the latest platform development methodologies. For more info on that reach out as well.


Jacob Andra Hi all, Chief Marketing Officer, SOMA decentralized social marketplace; we just released our MVP and have a pretty robust roadmap for real-world adoption:


Thanks Holly for the invitation - I am on now:-)


Hi all
My name is Daniel and I am one of the founders of
Currently we are in the private sale and if your are a freelancer, we would be more than happy if you join our community. You will be surprised about unitalent and what it can offer to you and your freelance friends.

Come and join.
Thank you - Cheers


Hi All,

Would you be interested in sponsoring any of our upcoming Blockchain conferences? So far we have conducted 32 Blockchain Conferences globally & on an average we expect 10+ speakers, 100+ delegates with all CVDM level people attending our event. For more details, please revert us back.

Best Regard!
Prashanth R
[email protected]


Hi there! This is Dean from the Crypto the WonderDog show. Please contact me if you would like to be part of the show. Also PLEASE - LIKE-SUBSCRIBE-COMMENT on our YouTube page!!! We give away coins and tokens to our most active subscribers!

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Hi! Thanks for invitation.
My name is Elena Savinova.


Hello Everyone,
This is Adnan a crypto enthusiast and blockchain developer from Malaysia.


Hello ladies and gents,

My name is Andrew Chung and I am an ICO Advisor, technical and fundamental analysis, and much more.


Hello Everyone

My name is Mike and I work in Seattle and live in the Mountains of Montana.

Currently my teams is building out Proactive Security Platforms to stem the tide of cybercrimes surrounding transactions specifically associated with cryptocurrencies.

We developed IP surrounding Identity management that is deployed inside a provisioned blockchain. To date the results have been exceptional; however, we are looking for good Proof of Concept projects to gather additional information. Anyone have a security issues that we might use as a Proof of Concept?


My name is Miguel, from Barcelona (Spain). We are working on an ambitious project on Blockchain: a gamified and collaborative platform for business, based on reputation. This platform is an application to help innovation & impact projects to get ahead, procuring talent and / or funding, so that makes us an “accelerator” of projects on Blockchain. Stakeholders are organizations (companies, institutions, etc.), people (freelancers and employees) and investors (institutional and private). In addition to this platform (Network & Projects), the project will also have a “physical” space (Space) for users to meet (although it will also be open to the public), where attendees will be inspired, informed and trained in topics such as technological innovation, change in companies and technology, such as Blockchain, IA, Bid Data and similar. We are in an incipient phase, about to initiate Open Innovation sessions so that our partners, collaborators and friends can help us define our “MVP”, which will later help us with the Business Plan, based on the tokenization of the reputation, the Interactions between members and transactions carried out on the platform or in Space. Do you like our project, want to colaborate? B-Ecosystem


Hi everyone and thanks Holly Stewart for your invitation! I am glad to be here!

I am Paulo Carneiro from Salvador-Brazil, mining entrepreneur, accountant, partner at Craton-Roche (BR) and StanRocc (UK), and CEO at Gravel Coin (global), ICO professional and advisor, member at GAUDI-UFBA, a study group on tecnologies (blockchain, distributed systems, etc).