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Hi all

My name is Pasquale (Paul) Marioni from RDA in the City of London… a traditional IT resource provider.

I am transforming my company to a holistic blockchain service provider and would like to connect with as many blockchain evangelists as i can.

I would welcome a direct connection (meet) at Blockercon or on Linkedin

Looking forward to meeting a lot of Blockchain people at the event


Hi everyone, I’m Rich - the founder of BLOCKERCON and delighted to set up this forum.

The aim here is to facilitate connections and conversation within the blockchain community and other cross-over technology sectors.

I hope you find it useful!


Hi everyone, I’m Holly and will be a moderator/admin on this brilliant new community forum!

Looking forward to networking with everyone


Hello guys!

I’m pedro febrero the founder of Bityond, a skills-matching platform between candidates and jobs. I have worked mainly in implementing ERP systems in the past, with big data and for the last year developing smart-contracts and tokenomics for different projects.

We’re aiming to create linkedin 2.0, with a proper reward system for users (via Bityond Tokens).

For anyone interested in checking out our project:

Thanks a lot for the invite!


Hello, Blockercon community! I’m Arthur Stepanyan, Executive Director of Gramarye Media ( Here’s our video introduction:
Vimeo (higher quality):



Hi all,
Myself Vikas Magar (Web & DAPP Blockchain Developer)
I am a experienced React-redux, Node.js developer for 2 years.
Now I am a solidity & DAPP developer. Seeking opportunities in Ethereum Solidity Full stack developer.
Feel free to connect to me.

Vikas Magar


Hi Rich,

I am from Germany near Frankfurt/Airport but hardly fly excecpt in Projects,internet and Bitcoin dreams, or mayb I am just to old, Jet interested in the new money Futures, ….glad to be a part of it…V. they call me Buddy-bitcoin


Hi. I am an independent Film Producer. Brit Films in Development. website: I have many projects and shall be using an ICO sometime in the future. Anyone that can advise me or help in any way I would be interested to hear from as ultimately this is not my expertise. email me if you can assist. [email protected]


Hi All, I am a recruitment consultant specialising in all things Blockchain and Crypto for well over two years now ! …If you require assistance in looking for people or you are looking for your next opportunity please do let me know. I would be delighted to help…


Hi everyone,

my name is Habil and I live in Jönköping, Sweden.
I just finished a master programme in Informatics at the local business school and my thesis was about the use of Blockchain technology and smart contracts in the insurance industry. For the past 5 months I have collected theoretical information about Blockchain and other DLT-technologies such as DAG for example and I am looking for opportunities. The more I read about these technologies, the more certain I become of its future use.

I am currently working as a project manager at an IT company where we create e-commerce websites. I have a background as a .Net developer among other things.

Would love to connect with like minded people.

I have some ideas and would very much appreciate feedback from those with both practical and theoretical knowledge of working with private blockchains and smart contracts.

Best regards


Hi people,
I’m Abdullah from India. I’m an undergrad student with a love for cryptos and blockchain. Looking forward to gain value from this beautiful community and giveback what I can.
Thanks for letting me in.


Hello, welcome everyone! Glad to see this community is growing and new members are joining every day.

Please do create your own threads and help us spread the word by telling your colleagues and friends about the community


Hi all,

I am a Headhunter working within the Crypto/Blockchain space. I have opportunities for Software Devs and Quantitative Analysts within the Crypto Asset market and would be happy to connect with anybody around these opportunities.

More broadly - always looking to learn from those smarter than me and share points of view on Crypto / Blockchain!


Hi my name is Tim, I head up the research team for Wyatt Partners (formerly JW consulting) a Specialist Research and consultancy firm finding data analytics leadership roles across the UK and Internationally.

As far as blockchain goes we started working hiring people in this space in 2015, I personally find it fascinating watching a new market and sector of skills develop in front of me.

Always keen to learn more and speak with enthusiastic people, working or looking to work in the many varieties across this sector. Particularly interested in Developers but also content and marketing people who can talk competently about the practical aspects of Blockchain and Crypto.


Hello everyone,

Thanks for the invititation here. I am glad to be here. Nice to meet you all.



My name is Deepanshu Gupta, and I represent Blocknomic Technologies, a software development company focused on public blockchains, where I am currently leading their marketing efforts as a Marketing and Communication executive. To get into space, the first product we’re rolling out is the CurryCoins liquidity aggregator; an automated crypto-to-crypto brokerage that allows users to seamlessly trade across different platforms through a common liquidity pool.

For anyone who wants to be an alpha tester can signup here:



Hi All,

I am Director technologies at Debutinfotech ( based in India. We are a technology company working in Mobile and Web development. We have initiated work in Blockchain technologies and primarily working on Permission ed network using Linux foundation Hyperledger Fabric, golang, nodejs etc.

We have recently created a POC for Asset Management using blockchain technologies. You can visit here to check it



Hello Everyone

I intend seeing my organizations future growth and am thus investigating possibilities. I am looking forward to connecting and learning

Take care